What does fair trade mean?

Fair trade is a movement to ensure companies treat their employees fairly and ethically. Helping to achieve sustainable and fair relationships with all parties involved in producing quality products.

Are fair trade sustainable products more expensive?

Unfortunately, yes. However! It guarantees the products are produced sustainably, by workers being paid fair wages in ethically safe working conditions. Providing peace of mind, knowing no one was unfairly treated to produce the products.

Sustainable products will last longer for you to enjoy, making them more cost effective, it also gives the satisfaction of helping our planet through making the choice to support sustainable fashion.

Are fair trade products high-quality?

Yes, fair trade products receive more attention to detail, this helps to guarantee quality production from quality materials.

How was Grounded created?

grounded people came to life when co-founder and CEO Maximilian Justus was traveling abroad and experienced the negative impacts of the fashion industry firsthand. Mr. Justus then decided there must be more options for fashionable sneakers that don’t negatively affect the environment, at that point the idea for Grounded People was created.

What hours are you open?

Our customer service team is available Monday - Friday from 9am - 5pm PST. Excluding Statutory Holidays. Please contact us at info@groundedpeople.com for any enquires; we will respond within 24 hours during business days.

Is every Grounded product vegan?

Yes, all the materials used in our cruelty free products are 100% vegan.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express cards through our website with the option to pay through PayPal.

Can I cancel or change my order once I place it?

Yes, all orders are picked and packed as they are received. If the order has not been sorted for shipping by the time you contact our customer service team at info@groundedpeople.com we will be able to cancel or change the order.

Will my order arrive all together?

Yes, all items will come in one shipment. For large orders that require multiple box’s, there is a chance that packages could arrive at different times. This is at the shipping carrier’s discretion.

How long does regular shipping take?

We have a variety of shipping options for both the US and Canada. But Generally, standard shipping will be 3-9 Business days depending on where you are.

Do you offer free shipping?

We offer free shipping on all orders US$139+ & CAD$165+

How can I request a return, exchange, or refund?

Please reach out to our customer service team at info@groundedpeople.com and make your request. Our agents will give instructions on how to make the return, exchange, or refund. Our customer service team will reply within 24 hours during business days.

What is the status of my order?

For questions on the status of your order in transit, please refer to the carrier’s tracking info.

My discount code is not working, what do I do?

We unfortunately do not offer any discount codes so if someone provided you with one on the internet, it is not legitimate. The only time we will provide a customer with a code is if they return an item and would like to save what they paid for another item in the future.

Where is Grounded People based?

Grounded People is based out of beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Where are your products shipped from?

All products are Made in Brazil and shipped from our warehouses in Wenatchee, Washington for the US and from Brampton, Ontario for Canada.

What do I do if my order is damaged?

Please reach out to our customer team at info@groundedpeople.com.  Please try to save the packaging and take as many photos as you can for our team to review. We will facilitate a reorder of you purchase within 24 hours during business days.

I received the wrong goods, what do I do?

Please reach out to our customer service team at info@groundedpeople.com and explain what item(s) is wrong, plus include a picture of the item(s). Our team will facilitate a reorder of your item(s) within 24 hours during business days.

Where can I find product sizing information?

Where exactly do the materials come from, and how do you know for sure that they are recycled. 

We source our materials from suppliers all around Brazil. You can actually see where our materials come from using our Retraced technology on our website. When designing our shoes, we work with our manufacturing partner to find suppliers with the most sustainable options that is available for us to use for our design.


What is the difference between what your soles are made of, and regular rubber or plastic.

Most, if not all, rubber outsoles are made from natural rubber. What varies in this case is the percentage. Our is very high, due to the processes used in Brazil. A rubber outsole is better than plastic due to this origin, meaning it can be considered a renewable source. In addition, what makes it better for the actual shoe is its abrasiveness. It's very resistant, so it's more durable.



Are grounded people shoes grounded?

grounded people shoes are not made for grounding. However, they are zero drop. grounded people is our rallying call to like minded individuals who believe it's time to create change one small step at a time.


Will you come out with a barefoot design?

We are working on a variety of designs and considering barefoot as well. Important to note though, grounded people shoes are zero drop.


How do you offset carbon?

We have two charities in our LACES program that plant trees every time a client picks those pair of laces. Also, at the end of the year, we calculate the approximate carbon footprint we have made and pay our tree planting charity partners to plant the required number of trees to offset our carbon footprint.


Why are your shoes created in Brazil and not Canada, even though you are a Canadian company?

It's normal for a company to look abroad to find the best option available even if that means not creating products in the country the company originated in; many companies do this and don't actually care about where the products come from just that they are cost effective. We do not take this approach, of course there are cheaper places for us to produce shoes but we care about the sustainability and  quality of the shoe and the quality of the working conditions of the people making the shoes, we wanted to select a manufacturing partner that shares the same values and morals as grounded people. In order to provide the best option for our clients we searched all over the world to find the perfect manufacturing partner, it just so happened that we found the only 100% vegan shoe factory in the world located in Brazil.


What “raw materials” are used and how are they processed?

We use leftovers and trimmings of fabrics from other textile productions that would otherwise go to waste. This material is collected and sent cooperatives, where they are separated by color and composition. In the factory, the fabrics are combined with fibres from recycled PET bottles and come back to their natural state. The fabric colors come from its previous life, so no dyes, chemical products or water are used.


What makes your shoes fair wage? How do we know that you pay your workers well?

We have audited our manufacturing partner to unsure that the artisans who produce our products are paid a fair wage and work in safe working conditions. We have also started working with a third-party company to attain fair wage certification.


Why do shoes need to be vegan?

There're quite a few reasons to switch to vegan products. It could be in support of cruelty free production so that animals are not treated unfairly and killed to create products and by-products or to fight against the negative environmental impacts created by the raising of livestock for fashion.


Are your shoes 100% plastic free?

No, we use nylon for the D-rings (lace eyelets) on our shoes.