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Archive Collection

Dive into a realm where Archive Shoes embody both history and style. This collection at Grounded People is more than just about fashion; it's a curated journey through time, meticulously reviving and celebrating the elegance of eras past. Combine Modern Elegance and Vintage Charm with Our Archive Shoes Explore the...

Dive into a realm where Archive Shoes embody both history and style. This collection at Grounded People is more than just about fashion; it's a curated journey through time, meticulously reviving and celebrating the elegance of eras past.

Combine Modern Elegance and Vintage Charm with Our Archive Shoes

Explore the captivating allure of our Archive Shoe Collection, showcasing meticulously curated shoes that seamlessly blend vintage charm with a contemporary twist. Each pair is a carefully restored piece of history, creating a unique bridge between past allure and modern sophistication.

Revealing the History of the Archive Shoes Brand

Delve into the legacy of the Archive Shoes brand, where dedication to preserving craftsmanship meets a passion for timeless elegance. Our brand goes beyond mere shoes; it's a commitment to redefining fashion's narrative by offering carefully selected pieces that transcend fleeting trends.

Redefine Feminine Grace with Our Archive Women's Shoes Collection

Step into a time-traveling adventure of style with the Archive Women's Shoes Collection—a vibrant homage to bygone eras. From the sleek, geometric lines reminiscent of Art Deco to the playful, carefree spirit echoing the '60s, each pair is a vivid encapsulation of history's essence. Feel the pulse of timeless elegance as you journey through these sneakers, embracing the grace and evolution of fashion across the ages.

Our Archive Shoes Are for Modern Wearer

For the discerning modern wearer, Archive Shoes represent more than a mere fashion choice; it's a conscious decision to embrace both style and substance. These thoughtfully selected pieces transcend trends, creating a harmonious bridge between fashion's rich history and the contemporary world.

Immerse Yourself in Our Online Archive Shoes Store

Discover the meticulously curated haven of footwear at Grounded People Archive Shoes store. Immerse yourself in a world where every pair tells a story, inviting you on a journey through the evolution of style. This isn't just an online store; it's an invitation to intimately connect with the rich history of fashion.

Walk with Purpose and Elegance in Archive Shoes

As you step into the world of Archive Shoes, each pair becomes a testament to timeless elegance. It's not just about wearing shoes; it's about making a statement—connecting with history, embracing craftsmanship, and walking with purpose and elegance through the rich tapestry of fashion history.

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Artist Collaborations

Grounded People, known for our sustainable and community-oriented approach to ethical fashion, is proud to announce our Artist Collaboration Collection. We've teamed up with distinguished Canadian artists to combine our classic silhouettes with unique touches of individuality. This exciting partnership merges our commitment to eco-consciousness with each artist's distinctive creative vision, promising a collection that embodies both artistic innovation and ethical values.

Curtia Wright - Toronto, Ontario

Curtia Wright is a multidisciplinary Fine Artist, Mural Artist and Arts Educator based in Toronto, Ontario. Her work fuses elements of fantasy, sci-fi and surrealism with vibrant transportive colours to animate their environments. The work she creates looks at mental health, metaphysics, and the ephemerality of dreams and memory through a sci-fi lens.

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Brandy Saturley - Victoria, BC

“I am obsessed with the iconography of Canada, and in turn I am creating my own. Relentlessly exploring Canada from coast, to coast, to coast.”

Brandy Saturley is an acclaimed contemporary Canadian Visual Artist widely recognized for her evocative portrayals of Canadian culture, landscapes, people, wildlife, hockey and icons. An internationally exhibited and collected Canadian Artist, Saturley’s paintings have garnered the British Columbia born painter notoriety as ‘the Voice of Canadian Pop Art’. She has exhibited various bodies of work across Canada, including ‘#ICONICCANUCK’ and ‘Canadianisms’ solo exhibitions.

Her artworks have been featured in: Forbes, CBC Arts, Our Canada and on Sportsnet. She has collaborated with Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame, been shortlisted for an Olympic trophy and licenses images of her work to distinctive brands around the world.

SHOE 10 EDITS-2.jpg__PID:2a2d0efb-37a6-4ae9-8f2c-2d59362ed4ae

Tay Odynski - Calgary, Alberta

Taytayski, also known as Tay Odynski, is an emerging force in the art world, making a mark online and in Alberta since launching her career in Calgary eight years ago. A design graduate of the Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD), Tay is driven by a passion for pushing creative boundaries, with a signature style defined by letting the drips and splatter of paint guide her work.

Transitioning from diverse commissioned pieces to captivating live experiences, Tay's outgoing personality and love for people shine through as she engages audiences with her distinctive art in various settings as she finds joy in sharing art with the masses.

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Kate Zessel | Zessel Designs - Whistler, BC

Kate Zessel is an artist located in Whistler B.C. She draws inspiration from the surroundings that she calls home. Originally from Vancouver, she spent her free moments growing up in the mountains, skiing and biking.Putting pen to paper allowed her to capture moments of her adventures and transform them into visual pieces.

Capturing a full mountain scene, animal, or shape within a complete image is her way of recounting one of her backcountry adventures. The mountains give her the subject matter of each piece. She hopes her art will connect with your memories of being in nature and resonate with the feeling of being completely immersed in the wilderness.

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Jonathan Kuracina - Vancouver, BC

My name is Jonathan Kuracina, a self-taught artist, creator, and life enthusiast. I find immense joy in creating pieces of art that resonate with myself and others, allowing me to express my emotions and share stories from my perspective as both a human being and an artist, for everyone to enjoy.

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