Our Mission

Grounded People is about being part of a movement for a more sustainable future in fashion. We want to change how people view everyday products by solving the current negative impacts of fast fashion and preserving the planet through sustainable practices. We make sustainable products with a purpose and pride ourselves in our entire production process being cruelty-free.

Our core principles at Grounded People are based on the ethical treatment of all living beings. We are taking sustainable actions to work with mother nature instead of against her. From start to finish, all our products are 100% vegan.

We're based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The idea for Grounded People came to fruition when the founder and CEO travelled abroad and experienced the negative impacts of the fashion industry firsthand.

The environmental impact and use of animal by-products in fashion production are evident and widely recognized. A change had to be made, so we created a stylish brand that cares for the planet and all living beings on earth. Through our partnerships, we have established a small but very dedicated team of artisans who assemble our products almost entirely by hand.

Miracles start with a change of thinking, changing the world won't be easy, but every journey begins with one step… Let's make the world a better place and look great doing it.

Visit our LACES Program to learn more about how we donate to charity with every purchase.


Circular Fashion Program

Our circular fashion program allows us to recycle used Grounded People shoes so they can continue life as a product instead of going to a landfill. All footwear returned to us will be recycled responsibly and you’ll receive a discount on your next pair for doing your part for the environment.

Clean & Care

How to Clean Grounded People Shoes:

Use a mild soap detergent in warm water and spot clean extra dirty areas. Select a delicate or hand wash cycle, air dry away from direct heat or sunlight and enjoy!