Laces Program

grounded people love contributing to communities all over the world. Through our LACES program, grounded people partners with charity organizations across the globe.

Each organization picks a special colour of LACES to represent its charity. You pick the LACES that support the charity of your choice and 100% of its proceeds go to that charity!

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Grounded's LACES partnerships to date:


One Tree Planted - Rebuilding the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil

Our partners in Brazil are working to reconnect the Morro do Diablo State Park and the Black Lion Tamarin Ecological station, two core areas of the Upper Parana Atlantic Rainforest Biosphere Reserve. This will be Brazil’s largest reforestation corridor. It will create 60,000 hectares of connected forest for endemic and endangered species and improve the livelihoods of countless families.

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KidSafe Project Society - Providing a Safe Haven for Children and Youth in Canada

When schools close, KidSafe opens. With 1 in 5 Vancouver children living in poverty, the unjust and common reality for tens of thousands of local children is that out-of-school periods are times of instability, hunger and loneliness. By supporting KidSafe, you can help provide vulnerable children with the safety, health and happiness they need and deserve. Each child is professionaly referred to KidSafe by school staff or social workers as a child in need of a safe and accessible environment while schools are traditionally closed. 

KidSafe programs include Winter, Spring and Summer break programs, a multi-faceted Youth Program, and after-school programs to ensure stability year around for the children and youth we serve. 

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Trees for the Future - Helping Farmers Build Forest Gardens in Africa 

By helping us plant trees and vegetables, you give families the ability to transition from unsustainable farming techniques to a flourishing Forest Garden system. Your donation not only helps the environment, but it also empowers farmers to end poverty for their families in both East and West Africa. We are working to plant 1 million people out of poverty by planting 125,000 Forest Gardens by 2025.

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RedRover - Bringing Animals and their People from Crisis to Care

Our Partners at Red Rover are bringing animals out of crisis and strengthen the bond between people and animals through emergency sheltering, disaster-relief services, financial assistance, and education. We accomplish this by engaging volunteers and supporters, collaborating with others, and maximizing the use of online technology.

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Thank you for becoming part of Grounded People.

Through our LACES charity program, we have the privilege of joining forces with charities from all over the world! What charity organization would you like to see us collaborate with?