Grounded People is an earth conscious sustainable fashion brand that provides ethical alternatives in a fashion industry that shows very little regard for mother nature. Not only do our shoes look good, they feel good, and you can feel good knowing exactly where all the materials were sourced, thanks to our Retraced blockchain technology. 

Grounded People's products are 100% vegan. Let's break away from the negative impact on animals and the environment in the fashion industry. Let's start a new positive impact, brought on by a new generation of Grounded People.

Because Every Step Matters!

Our fabrics are produced from recycled yarns and recycled raw materials, which do not require chemical processes or dyeing and reduce impact on the environment. 

We want to protect the environment by preventing pollution and helping to manage the significant environmental impacts associated with the production of clothes and footwear. 

Let’s promote environmental improvement through conscious awareness. We make products that work with our natural resources instead of taking advantage of them.