Circular Fashion Program


Our circular fashion program allows us to recycle used Grounded People shoes so they can continue life as a product instead of going to a landfill. All footwear returned to us will be recycled responsibly.

Circular fashion is a system where our clothing and personal belongings are produced through a more considered model: where the production of an item and the end of its life are equally as important. This system considers materials and production thoughtfully, emphasizing the value of utilizing a product right to the end, then going one step further and repurposing it into something else. The focus is on the longevity and life cycle of our possessions, including designing out waste and pollution. Essentially, the “circular” comes as a response to previous economic and societal models that have been “linear” to date, and harmful on the planet along the way.

Key points of circular fashion:

  • Using less materials when producing individual items for increased recyclability
  • Working to remove non recyclable and polluting materials from the supply chain
  • Recapturing everything from garment offcuts to packaging for reuse
  • Ensuring use and reuse for as long as possible including collection schemes and bringing the recycled materials back to a “good as new” state
  • Returning any unavoidable waste to nature safely


  1. Package your pre loved Grounded People shoes, and enclose a note with your name and e-mail address in order to receive a discount on your next pair.

  2. Mail your shoes to:

    FHB Group, s.r.o

    Priemyselná 1637/3,

    900 21 Svätý Jur

    Slovak Republic


  3. Sit back and feel good knowing that you have reduced your environmental will also receive a 15% discount on your next pair when you utilize our program.