About Us

grounded people is about being part of a movement, grounded people, preserving the planet with sustainability. We pride ourselves on the fact that our entire production process is cruelty-free.

Our core principles at grounded people are based on the ethical treatment of all living beings. Taking sustainable actions to work with mother nature instead of against her. All of our production from start to finish is 100% vegan.

grounded people is based in Vancouver, British Columbia on the west-coast of Canada. The idea for grounded people came to fruition when the co-founder and CEO was traveling abroad and experienced the negative impacts of the fashion industry first hand.

The environmental impact and cruel use of animal by-products in fashion production is clearly evident and widely recognized. A change had to be made, so we created a stylish brand that cares not only for the planet, but all living beings on earth. Through our partnerships, we have established a small, but very dedicated team of workers, who assemble our products almost entirely by hand.

Miracles start with a change of thinking, changing the world won't be easy but every journey begins with one step… Let's make the world a better place and look great doing it. Because Every Step Matters!


Meet Our Founder

"Hi, I'm Max. I’m the founder of grounded people. My mission was to establish a company that could create high quality, ethically sourced sustainable clothing. Every year the global fashion industry produces over 92 million tonnes of waste. Hopefully we can help to reduce these detriments by working together as a community, doing our part and contributing to the solution. By purchasing grounded products, you are helping to be part of the solution and helping to save the earth."

Max Justus