What is Ethical Fashion

What is Ethical Fashion

With online shopping, rapid worldwide shipping, and countless big box clothing stores, fast fashion has become incredibly destructive to the earth, along with the people and animals living on it. In most large-scale manufacturing facilities, you will find underpaid workers, machinery that relies on the consumption of natural resources, and materials made from animal byproducts. All of these factors contribute to today’s fashion industry and its reputation for unethical practices.

To help combat these prevalent issues, more and more clothing and footwear companies are opting for a more sustainable approach. This unique industry is known as ethical fashion. Buying from sustainable apparel companies helps people, animals, and the planet thrive. Despite this growing movement, not all shoppers are clear on what exactly ethical fashion is.

Grounded People is an active member of the ethical fashion movement. Our team strives to make the world a better place by following a number of unique business practices. Continue reading to find out more about ethical fashion and why you should be sourcing your wardrobe from sustainable brands.

Use of Cruelty-Free Materials

In the fashion industry, businesses have great potential to improve the state of affairs for all living creatures on earth. Some of the main beneficiaries of ethical fashion are animals. By using 100% vegan, cruelty-free materials to fabricate our products, Grounded People is able to save the lives of thousands of animals that are commonly used to produce fabrics such as leather, suede, and rubber. Another benefit of using less materials that are derived from animals is that companies do not have to rely on animal processing facilities, which are some of the main culprits of greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, 100% vegan products do not only help protect animals but they also help to protect our earth.

Fairly paid workers

Another area of concern for the ethical fashion industry is the workers that are paid to produce clothing and footwear. Sadly, the fast fashion industry relies heavily on underpaid workers to produce a large volume of low-cost apparel. This highly unethical, yet common practice means taking advantage of millions of hardworking people from underdeveloped countries for the sake of turning a profit from cheap clothing and footwear. We have seen major changes in the food and beverage sector, with many sellers guaranteeing fair trade products such as coffee and chocolate. The fashion industry has, however, seriously lagged behind. At Grounded People, we have worked hard to establish a signature brand, which buyers can turn to for products that are made by workers who are all guaranteed fair wages.

Low-Waste Manufacturing

Even well-intentioned business owners often fail to do their research before partnering with a manufacturing facility. Unfortunately, there are not many clothing or footwear production facilities in the world that cater to ethical fashion. As an ethical brand, our team carefully sourced out the world’s only 100% vegan facility in Brazil, where our shoes are made entirely free from animal byproducts. Another manufacturing strategy that we have used to uphold our values is making primarily handcrafted footwear. Not only do our customers wind up with a better shoe this way, but we are also able to reduce waste by using all of the materials at our disposal. This practice differs from many production facilities, which use machinery to quickly generate perfectly uniform products. The result is usually a pile of scrap materials that get thrown away. By avoiding the use of machines wherever possible, we are able to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that come from our facility, further contributing to our objectives.

Long-Lasting Products

One of the easiest ways to become an ethical shopper is by practicing minimalism throughout your wardrobe. Buying high-quality garments and footwear that are versatile and will last you for years to come can help reduce waste, animal cruelty, and other problems within the fashion industry. All of our shoes at Grounded People are designed and fabricated for the purpose of longevity. We are on a mission to make slow fashion accessible and desirable to all. Furthermore, when the time comes that you do need to buy a pair of replacement shoes, our recycling program and biodegradable materials will allow you to do so with a clear conscience.

Philanthropic Efforts

In the fashion industry, there are many opportunities for brands to use their visibility to raise awareness regarding various issues or donate a portion of their revenue to a worthy cause. Although this is not particularly common, developing philanthropic programs within a clothing or footwear company is another example of ethical fashion. At Grounded People, we have created a program called LACES, which gives our customers the opportunity to obtain a pair of beautiful, high-quality shoe laces in exchange for a donation to one of many charitable organizations.

If you would like to become a more responsible shopper or you are starting a sustainable brand of your own, explore our ethically-made products today to learn more.

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