Our Vegan Materials

Our Vegan Materials

When Grounded People was created, our team immediately understood that the first step to producing a line of sustainable footwear was to source out high-quality, ethically sourced raw materials that were 100% free of animal byproducts. This however, was no easy task; in fact, there is only one shoe manufacturing facility in the world that works exclusively with vegan materials.

After a long search, our team was able to curate a list of vegan, Grounded People-approved materials that we continue to use to create all of our products. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide peace of mind to shoppers that practice veganism, or are simply trying to reduce their carbon footprint by making responsible purchases.

Rest assured, all of our products are made with a high standard for comfort, quality, design, and longevity. Therefore, buying from us is not only an ethical choice, but we also offer a full range of footwear options that combine style and practicality. For those who are interested to know the ins and outs of the materials we use, we have provided a complete breakdown below.

100% Premium Recycled Cotton Yarns

Despite cotton material being made from natural, vegan fibers, these factors do not automatically qualify this fabric as a sustainable option. The never-ending demand for cotton across the globe has pressured many farmers into using harmful pesticides, running the risk of erosion, and utilizing unfair labor practices. Cotton fields also require a significant amount of water in order to grow plants on a large scale. Therefore, even organic cotton farms that are free from harsh chemicals can be environmentally damaging. Using recycled cotton is by far the most sustainable way to reap the benefits of these high-quality materials. We are committed to using 100% premium recycled cotton yarns to create the durable materials used in the upper canvases of our sneakers. The result is a comfortable, breathable, aesthetically pleasing shoe at no cost to our planet.

Bio Latex

Bio latex is a strong material made from biodegradable, non-toxic foam. Latex is an important component of our footwear, which is used to strengthen the sole of each shoe. Unlike synthetic latex - a man made material th​​at causes serious harm to the environment, biodegradable latex is produced naturally from tree sap. Using organic materials enables us to design high-quality sneakers with a clear conscience. These elements are biodegradable, and will therefore decompose naturally without adding to the global waste problem. To prevent our footwear from breaking down after a short time, we have strengthened our bio latex through a process called vulcanization. This chemical process hardens the rubber with the addition of sulphur, ensuring the longevity of our products.

Additional Hardware

At Grounded People, we are committed to creating product lines that are practical and long-lasting enough to supplement unethical footwear purchases. Sourcing vegan materials that are handmade by workers who are paid fair wages can result in a more expensive product than what you would find in other stores. We have reinforced our shoes as needed with commonly used materials such as metal zippers, nylon D-ring eyelets, and ethylene vinyl acetate foam insoles to ensure our customers do not have to compromise on quality in order to shop our 100% vegan selection. While not all of these parts are biodegradable, the longer our customers are able to wear our products, the greater positive impact they have on the planet. Rest assured, we have kept unsustainable materials to an absolute minimum.

What We Don’t Use

Shoppers are often surprised to learn about the long list of animal byproducts that are used to formulate their favorite products. One of the most common culprits is leather, which is used by many high-end brands to create expensive, highly sought after shoes. Footwear fanatics all over the world have become accustomed to overlooking the billions of animals that are killed every year, and the environmental consequences that come along with this popular material. Furthermore, the largest producers of leather famously endure some of the world’s most gruesome working conditions. Other materials that rely on the suffering of animals, workers, and the earth itself include suede, silk, fur, and more. To achieve the sleek, timeless look that these materials are celebrated for, our design team is constantly working to create beautiful products using top-quality, cruelty free materials. Our products are proudly PETA-approved, and make the perfect addition to a vegan diet, beautiful shoe collection, and low-waste lifestyle.

Our mindful approach to material selection and product development sets us apart from any other footwear supplier in Canada. Our team works tirelessly to stay up to date on the latest research so that we can optimize our vegan shoes and implement the best cruelty-free materials that we have access to. If you would like to learn more about our vegan materials, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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