Our Sustainable Practices

Our Sustainable Practices

At Grounded People, we have fostered a community in which our executive team works together with our customers, along with the entire supply chain to establish sustainable practices. Our commitment to preserving natural resources is evident in our philanthropic efforts, manufacturing methods, materials used, and unique programs.

By creating a series of sustainable practices within our business, we are able to partake in the world of fashion in an ethical, environmentally conscious way. We are proud of the work we do, which is why we are happy to share some of the policies and processes that have helped us make a positive impact on the planet.

Waste Reduction Program

One of the most detrimental ways in which the fast fashion industry affects the environment is by drastically increasing the amount of clothing and footwear thrown away per year. This unnecessary waste is due to the poor quality and short-lived trends found in most modern apparel stores. One of the ways in which we address this major problem is through our Waste Reduction Program. Customers have the option to ship their used Grounded People footwear back to us when they no longer have any use for it, so that we can recycle these materials responsibly. Even in the case of primarily biodegradable products, recycling is by far the best way to reduce your ecological footprint.

Charity LACES

Another program that we run at Grounded People is called LACES or, Learn to Achieve and Create Everlasting Sustainability. Through this program, we sell shoe laces in a variety of different colors, all of which correspond to a different charitable organization. These charities touch on a variety of different social issues, however many of our partnerships work to address environmental problems such as climate change, deforestation, animal conservation, and more. When customers wear these laces, they are able to effortlessly draw attention to these important issues. Additionally, proceeds from the purchase of our laces are donated to each corresponding charity. We are always searching for new organizations to partner with so that we can raise funds for a range of worthy causes.

Cruelty-Free Manufacturing

Our top priority in finding a suitable manufacturing facility for our products, was ensuring it aligned with our company goals. One of the most effective ways in which we combat environmental issues at Grounded People is through the use of 100% vegan materials. Upon the foundation of our business, we searched the globe to find a strictly vegan production facility. We were able to partner with the world’s only 100% vegan shoe manufacturer, which is located in Brazil. Our commitment to cruelty-free materials throughout the supply chain has helped to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that are released during the production of fabrics which are made from animal byproducts such as leather and suede. Instead, we craft our footwear out of durable, high-quality materials that are built to last and do not rely on the suffering of animals.

Traditional Shoemaking

In manufacturing facilities, the raw materials used to make products are not the only contributing factors to environmental preservation. Rather, the methods used to craft these products play a significant role in the amount of waste produced and energy used. In the fast fashion industry for example, factories are able to quickly pump out a large quantity of identical products in a short period of time by using powerful machinery. Industrial equipment is used to dye, cut, and package apparel, reducing costs and enabling big brands to keep their retail prices low. However, this type of machinery uses a remarkable amount of electricity, generates air pollution, and often uses unnecessarily high quantities of water. Handcrafted goods use far less natural resources and typically result in much higher-quality products. At Grounded People, the vast majority of our shoemaking process is done by hand, by workers who receive fair wages.

Strategic Designs

The main reasons that people throw away apparel do not only have to do with quality, but this also has to do with design. Simple, classic styles offer a timeless look that can be paired with a wide range of outfits. This is exactly why our design team at Grounded People has focused on versatile sneaker designs that can be dressed up, dressed down, and worn for years without going out of style. This encourages our customers to streamline their shoe collection and get the most wear possible out of a single purchase. Another design strategy that we have implemented is releasing small quantities of limited edition styles. This enables us to meet the diverse needs of our customers without overproducing and risking a large number of unsold products.

Are you looking for ways to lead a more sustainable lifestyle? Responsible shopping is an excellent way to reduce waste, prevent animal cruelty, and preserve our natural resources. Shop our selection of 100% vegan, ethically made footwear to place your order or find out more about our sustainable practices.

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