Grounded People Vegan Sneaker Launch

Grounded People Vegan Sneaker  Launch

Grounded People unveils its debut collection of vegan footwear as a bold introduction to the brand and its mission to foster sustainability not just as a fashion choice but as a way of life.

The limited-edition collection includes two low cut sneakers Charlie (in moonstone color) and Gabby (in lead color) along with two high tops Lee (in moonstone) and Matty (in lead) - meticulously crafted out of ethically sourced, recycled, and undyed cotton canvas for the uppers and linings, a biodegradable non-toxic foam insole, and a Vulcanized natural latex rubber outsole. Classic by design and infused with modern details such as the d-ring eyelets and the zip backs, each pair is almost entirely handcrafted by highly skilled artisans at the world’s only 100% vegan factory located in Brazil, highlighting how everything was created from the ground up under the brand’s firm dedication to environmental and social responsibility.

Grounded People footwear retails for $119-$129 in sizes 5 to 13 and comes with a free-with-purchase vegan cotton backpack at

To further extend the brand’s message while supporting non-profits with similarly worthy goals, Grounded People has established its LACES (Learn to Achieve and Create Everlasting Sustainability) initiative. Shopping through the LACES program allows anyone to select additional shoe laces in different colors that correspond to a specific partner organization and thereby lets them proudly show wearable statements of support to those causes. In turn, Grounded People contributes proceeds of the sale directly to the chosen charities.

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