Grounded People Shoes For Winter

Grounded People Shoes For Winter

The winter season is a fashion favourite for many shoppers. At this time of the year, Canadians bundle up with plenty of layers and cold-weather accessories. One of the most important decisions that you can make during the winter season is selecting the right footwear. Whether for style or utility, all winter shoes must be thick and weather resistant enough to withstand the snow, ice, and rain for several months.

At Grounded People, all of our sustainable footwear is made with incredibly durable materials, and are handcrafted with longevity in mind. Unlike fabrics made from animal byproducts such as leather or suede, our 100% cruelty-free materials can make it through the season without getting damaged from salt stains or excess moisture. Additionally, we offer a range of unique designs that will go perfectly with your winter outfits.

Are you in the process of preparing your shoe closet for winter? Our eco-friendly shoes are made in Canada and will keep you warm, comfortable, and in style this season. Below we have highlighted a few of our products and how you can incorporate them into your winter wardrobe.

Think Winter Colours

Picture a beautiful winter’s day with a delicate backdrop of pine trees covered in a blanket of snow. The visual changes that we see in the environment throughout the year are in-part, what inform our choice of apparel. If you are a fan of colour, the most winter-appropriate choice is by far, a baby blue like that of our Forget-me-not shoe. This soft, cool-toned colour is reminiscent of frost or an ice-covered Canadian lake.

If you would like to incorporate a winter colour like this into your cold weather wardrobe, we recommend pairing it with a neutral white or cream coloured outfit. This will make your playful side stand out without overwhelming your palette with spring or summer-like colour combinations. Our pastel blue sneakers also come in the form of high-tops, as you can see in our Larkspur option. This will tie even more colour into your outfit and keep your ankles warm in the process.


Get Cozy With Dark Tones

Unlike the warm months where lighter hues take centre stage, you will often see fashionistas bundling up in dark-coloured layers during the winter season. If this sounds like you, you may want to opt for one of our dark-coloured footwear options like Gabby or Geranium. These are the perfect everyday shoes that will go with just about any outfit. Throw on a pair of dark wash jeans or black leggings and you will be good to go. Our dark blue Geranium shoe adds depth to an otherwise black or grey outfit, while the Gabby shoe creates a warmer, more cosy look that can be paired with cream, rust, or brown coloured clothing and accessories.

Protect Your Feet With High-Tops

In the Great White North, we have to be strategic in our winter clothing and footwear selections. Temperatures can drop lower than 30 degrees celsius depending on where you live, and along with that comes plenty of snow, cold winds, and freezing rain. Therefore, you will need a pair of warm, durable shoes that you can rely on to keep your feet protected. Of course, full days out in the snow require snow boots; however, for simple tasks like running errands or going for short nature walks, you may want something more casual and easy to slip on. High-tops are a great sneaker option that can provide both comfort and style. Paired with a cozy pair of socks and long pants, these types of sneakers will ensure you do not have any skin exposed to the cold. Our Matty and Iris shoes are just a couple of examples of the high-top sustainable footwear that we offer at Grounded People.

Transition From Fall To Winter

Transitioning your style from one season to the next can be quite the task. With different designs, fabrics, and colours coming to the forefront every few months, it is well worth having a few transitional pieces that work for various different seasons. During the transition from fall to winter, a well-made sneaker is a great option that is practical for both seasons, and can easily be styled with different clothing and accessories. One thing that fall and winter have in common is the heavy, dark tones that we mentioned above. In fall, warmer tones that reflect the changing leaves are usually the most appropriate for the season. Therefore, a dark brown shoe like Matty is a great choice that can easily be carried over into your winter outfits.

Dressing for the changing seasons should be fun, which is why our team at Grounded People has designed a versatile collection of sustainable footwear that is easily adaptable to the spring, summer, winter, or fall. All of our shoes are made from vegan, natural materials. For more information on our eco-friendly shoes, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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