Grounded People Shoes For Summer

Grounded People Shoes For Summer

One of the most exciting things about watching the seasons change in Canada is having an excuse to shop for new clothing and footwear. From the warm tones of autumn to the layered looks that we associate with winter, there are a variety of ways to tailor your wardrobe to the coming season.

Despite the beautiful changes in scenery that take place every year in the Great White North, most Canadians will admit that we are always looking forward to our warm, sunny summers. With our range of beautifully designed sneakers in an array of bright hues and breathable fabrics, a pair of Grounded People shoes will make the perfect, environmentally conscious addition to your attire this summer.

Are you looking for some tips on how to create the perfect summer wardrobe? Our team is not only passionate about bringing sustainable solutions to the fashion industry, but we also love talking seasonal styles. Continue reading for a complete guide to our shoes, and how to pair them with your summer outfits.

Play with bright colours

One of the most fun elements of summer fashion is having the freedom to experiment with brightly coloured apparel. When the sun is shining, you will see style icons all over the world breaking out their best-multicolored garments, jewelry, shoes, and other bold pieces. This is unlike the autumn and winter seasons when colour palettes are typically more muted. If you have been eyeing a pair of bright sneakers from our collection such as our Poppy or Red Rose options, summer is the perfect time to make your purchase. Paired with a white summer dress or multicolored top with red accents, these shoes are sure to turn some heads.

Another way to incorporate a bit of colour into your summer wardrobe is by shopping our selection of charity laces. Each colour signifies a different cause, to which donations are made as a result of your purchase. Have fun with your footwear by mixing up your shoelaces according to your outfit.

Embrace the latest trends with pastel shoes

A recent trend that we have seen on runways for the past few summers is pastels. These soft colours are flattering on every skin tone and create a playful, summery feel for those who are not fond of the more eccentric colours. A delicate pink or blue sneaker works well with feminine outfits like a floral dress or flowy skirt. This is a great trick for when you want to dress down an otherwise upscale piece of clothing. While sneakers are normally seen as a casual choice of footwear, the right color and texture can create a great contrast, making your outfits appropriate for both day and night. Our top picks for pastel footwear are our Larkspur hightops as well as our Fuschia shoe.

Buy footwear for your outdoor summer adventures

Dressing for summer is not just about finding the right look. Your shoes should also support your lifestyle by providing the comfort, durability, and overall quality that you need to participate in your favorite activities. Our community at Grounded People is full of people who love getting out in nature. Summer of course, is the optimal time to do this, which is why we have created a range of stylish products that are built for the great outdoors. The Matty is an example of one of our more outdoor adventure-friendly options. This shoe is secured with natural vulcanized latex, 100% premium recycled cotton, and other strong materials that will keep you comfortable on long hikes through the trails or leisurely strolls by the water.

Our shoes also come with a cotton backpack, which makes it easy to pack your things away while on your adventures. The Matty also comes in the perfect colour to keep them looking clean and fresh even after a big day in nature.

Find a versatile shoe that compliments all your summer styles

If you are looking for something a little more neutral to throw on no matter what clothes you have on, our classic designs work whether you want to dress up, dress down, hit the trails, or spend a night out on the town. Our footwear can be paired with a sleek, elevated ensemble, or used as an effortless, everyday option. If you are shopping for a versatile sneaker that will go with anything, we recommend opting for a neutral, cream-colored shoe like our Lee or Charlie options. From bodycon dresses to baggy jeans, we guarantee you will get plenty of use out of our sustainable, unisex sneakers no matter how diverse your summer style is.

We are proud to supply our customers with the footwear they need to have a fun, fashion-forward summer. When you buy from Grounded People, rest assured, you will be making a sustainable choice that keeps our earth thriving, and keeps our summers beautiful. Contact us today to discuss your options for summer footwear, and find the perfect shoe for you.

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