Find Your Perfect Holiday Style With Grounded People!

Find Your Perfect Holiday Style With Grounded People!

Ready to level up your shoe game? Meet Grounded People, the Canadian vegan footwear brand that is taking sustainable fashion to a luxurious level this holiday season! Conceived as a socially responsible alternative to disposable fast fashion, Grounded People was established in Vancouver, British Columbia by company CEO Maximilian Justus to create fashionable shoes for everyone to love. In today’s article, we’re excited to share more with you about this all-new sustainable vegan footwear brand that is quickly taking the fashion scene by storm! 

About Grounded People

Like many passion projects turned successful businesses, the development of Grounded People took place just prior to and during the pandemic. This presented many unprecedented challenges in finding, vetting, and securing all the right sources and partners to come onboard to their sustainable mission. With major corporations exploiting underpaid, overworked and even underaged laborers to churn out poorly made synthetic garments that heavily pollute the environment, there was no better time for Grounded People to make their big debut. Plus, a fun fact about Grounded People is that the Meerkat was adopted as the brand logo to express its goal to emulate how this species works together to serve the greater good of the entire community! 

Following over a year of research, design, and the production of initial prototypes, Grounded People successfully launched its debut collection as the world emerged from quarantine! The wow-factor of this vegan and sustainable brand is that the initial range of footwear are produced from ethically-sourced recycled yarns and recycled raw materials, which do not require chemical processes or additional water. As a result, this reduces the significant impacts on the environment. Nearly entirely handcrafted at the only 100% vegan manufacturing facility in the world, the footwear is just the beginning of many more collections, collaborations, and evolution into a complete lifestyle and fashion brand!

According to Maximilian, “At this critical tipping point in society, our intent is for people to see Grounded People as more than a label but rather as an emblematic inspiration to this growing movement of inclusivity, environmentalism and sustainability. We are confident that the more well-informed consumers become, the more they will realize that their choices matter and they can make a significant difference to the planet.” 

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