BC Children’s Hospital, A LACES Charity

BC Children’s Hospital, A LACES Charity

Grounded People is excited to announce our latest LACES program partnership with the BC Children’s Hospital.

This program aligns with the Grounded People brand in our commitment to supporting communities and children at home and around the world. The partnership will also provide an opportunity for our customers to support the hospital and the amazing work they do in helping children from across the Province of British Columbia.

Like all LACES charities, this partnership will provide 100% of the profits from the sale of our laces to the BC Children’s Hospital.

About The BC Children’s Hospital

The story of BC Children’s Hospital dates to 1923, when the BC Women’s institute established the first fund for crippled children in British Columbia. A few years after that the fund expanded into a dedicated hospital on Hudson Street to provide for the needs of sick and injured children.

By 1977 BC Children’s Hospital had broken ground on the building of a state-of-the-art facility on 28th Avenue and Oak Street, the same location it resides to this day.

Over nearly 100 years of service, BC Children’s Hospital has helped thousands of children from across the province recover from illness and injury. They have since expanded the focus of their care with programs dedicated to improving the health of children at home and around the world.

Through research programs and innovation dedicated to pediatric care, the hospital has made improvements to wait times for surgery, upgraded inpatient recovery units, and opened facilities dedicated to pediatric oncology.

Today, BC Children’s Hospital is among the most advanced pediatric care facilities in the world. Their services include state-of-the-art facilities for helping children with cancer, support for those recovering from organ transplant, mental health services, and intensive care units caring for patients with strict isolation requirements.

Additionally, they have added telehealth programs for helping children in remote areas and an expanded clinic in Prince George, BC.

BC Children’s Hospital receives more than 168,000 visits from patients annually, plus another 95,000 patients through its Ambulatory Care building.

The Hospital provides essential services dedicated to supporting children and their families not found anywhere else in British Columbia.

About Grounded People

Grounded People was founded on a principle of being a better brand.

With a focus on producing sustainable products that put the environment, people, and community above profit Grounded People has been working to disrupt the fashion industry. Through partnerships throughout the supply chain, the brand has been working to improve access to environmentally friendly processes, recycled and organic materials, and ensuring manufacturing partners are paid a fair wage.

By using recycled and organic materials, we can ensure greater sustainability by diverting waste from landfills and reducing our carbon footprint. Additionally, we use Retraced, a platform to allow better, ethical decision making when sourcing materials throughout our manufacturing network, and makes transparency an essential part of our brand.


We have also established the LACES program, which raises needed funds for a breadth of charities, and supports initiatives in communities at home and around the globe. Through our partners we have worked to support reforestation projects, helped to ensure pets stay united with their people following disaster or escaping domestic violence, and projects that help advance sustainability in the fashion industry.

This program is core to our brand, we have selected several charities we feel represent us and our values and allows us to contribute to our goal of making the world a better place. Each organization is represented by a special colour of LACES. But it’s our customers which organization represents their values. Every pair of LACES sold we will donate 100% of the profits to that charity.

As part of this program, we are proud to bring another partnership home, and support the BC Children’s Hospital in the dedicated work they do to improve the lives of sick and injured kids, and their families throughout the Province of British Columbia.  We look forward to working with the Hospital and helping them to innovate and care for patients throughout the Province.

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